core function

Container engine MCE

Application-centric, complete configuration, storage, image repo, etc.

Container engine module that supports elastic scaling, high availability, and load of applications

Equilibrium and other characteristics

Continuous Delivery

Build, test, deploy through visual pipeline design tasks

and complete the continuous/delivery work with one click.

Resource Arrangement

Visualized editing interface to design complex application templates in a way that edits YAML files,

simplifying application deployment and increasing flexibility


Diverse database types, rich configuration management items, support for expansion

Backup and restore, monitoring, etc.


Based on Spring Cloud, internship of the complete microservices governance system,

Support for service discovery, fusing, load balancing, configuration, and scheduling analysis

Intelligent operation

Load balancing, elastic expansion, automatic fault recovery, etc. at the application level

and other functions, and equipped with monitoring alarms, health checks and automated operating platforms

and automated operation platforms.

why choose us

Advanced microservice architecture

With application as the core, it provides functions such as service discovery and service orchestration.

Meet the rapid release of applications, flexible expansion

Large-scale container cluster

Production-level container cluster management, support intelligent orchestration scheduling,

host resource management, cross-cloud management, etc.

Fast service response

The professional technical team provides you with a full range of services, professional engineers respond quickly online,

locate problems, assist design

Complete continuous delivery system

Provides automatic code acquisition, automatic build, test and deployment

of pipelined task functions to accelerate product iteration

Database and cache service

Provide a relational, non-relational database cluster based on container technology

and caching services based on container technology to create efficient and stable data services

Function as a service(FaaS)

Quick and easy management mode, users write code directly, and

set the operating conditions to run safely, stably and flexibly.

success case

the InternetHelping to become a new generation of unicorn companies

financialprovide production-grade container clouds for the financial industry

educationprovide online education solutions in various scenarios

data service


Customer service



7X24hour service

Service Policy